The design
of innovative marine
leisure products

In 2018, customers and their opinions are the focal point of the evolution process of marine leisure products.

It is essential that we create new products that meet their expectations and their needs while respecting the technical constraints of implementation by marine leisure service providers.

Stand Up Paddle Activity

What actions have been planned
as part of the project?

Nautisme en Bretagne, the association that works for the development and promotion of regional marine leisure activities, is one of the project’s five French partners.

As part of CAPITEN, Nautisme en Bretagne coordinates actions related to innovative products, aimed at raising awareness in new audiences, integrating new technologies or suggesting new activities to marine leisure users looking for a change.

Nautisme en Bretagne
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What are the benefits for professionals?

The conceptualised products will mostly be presented and tested at mainstream events. They will then be adjusted to best meet the needs identified and the targeted audience.

Detailed product sheets will then be downloadable as of 2019. These will be aimed at boat clubs and territories looking to diversify the range of activities they offer.

Training will be arranged and offered to professionals in the sector who want to offer the products to their members from 2020.

Our events


01 Septembre 2018

The Atlantic Tour Events

Innovative products designed by partners are presented and tested at a series of consumer events. They offer a practical way of assessing the products’ impact and quality and re-examining them in order to better adapt them to the end user. This part of the project is led by Donegal County Council.

“The Hooked 2018 event on the Wild Atlantic Way in Donegal, North West Ireland will incorporate an exciting new showcase of Virtual Reality technology demonstrated by CAPITEN project partners, Donegal County Council Tourism Unit. Professional VR technology will be showcased at Hooked 2018 in Killybegs with unforgettable memories as visitors can experience marine tourism activities such as surfing, diving or kayaking without entering the water. The Virtual Reality technology developed as part of the CAPITEN project will allow people who cannot take part in real maritime activities due to various factors such as disability to experience activities, perhaps for the first time from the safety of the shore. This is also an excellent opportunity to give people a taste of what it is like to take part in a maritime activity and will inspire them to get out on the water and get surfing, kayaking or sailing in reality!”

A few numbers

de l'économie touristique en Irlande est liée au nautisme
de chiffre d'affaire ont été généré par la pratique d'une activité nautique en 2016 en Breatgne
3.2 M
de personnes en Europe sont employées dans le secteur touristique lié au nautisme et à la plaisance