In an effort to reduce its significant carbon footprint, the marine industry is incorporating a growing number of bio-sourced or environmentally friendly composites into its manufacturing processes.

Any move towards a more eco-responsible industry must take the entire production chain into account, from the design of marine craft to their eventual scrapping.

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What actions have been planned
as part of the project?

Although a number of trials have been run in an effort to make the industry “greener”, there is currently no single point of reference for reliable data on sustainability, technical performance or even simply the specifications of the sustainable composite materials used by the boating industry.

This operational part of the project, led by the CCI de La Rochelle (La Rochelle’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry), aims first and foremost to create a database of the main processes currently used by the industry’s manufacturing sector. The information gathered through a Europe-wide study will then be made available to professionals in the sector.

CCI de la Rochelle
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What is the added value for the sector?

Regulations relating to the manufacture and recycling of boats are becoming more and more demanding, forcing manufacturers to turn to innovative, ecological and profitable solutions.

For the first time, the online database will allow the manufacturing sector to view and compare processes that have been selected according to environmental criteria with convincing technical results.