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  • 2017 – 2021 : end of the CAPITEN project - 10/08/2021
    The CAPITEN project officially ended on July 31st 2021, bringing an end to 4 years of activities in favour of innovation and economic development in the nautical field on the Atlantic coast.
  • Creation of a cabotage network along the Atlantic coast - 30/07/2021
    In the framework of Work Package 7 from the CAPITEN project, almost 30 routes of small and grand cabotage have been created. These routes are now gathered into one catalogue.
  • From Saint-Malo to Belle-Île-en-Mer, set sail on the canals of Brittany! - 13/07/2021
    Brittany is a region with a strong sailing culture, and particularly renowned for its 2,730km of coastline, which provide a fantastic “playground” for both experienced and amateur sailors. But did you know that this hugely popular activity also gives you the chance to explore another, more secret facet of Brittany: its canals.
  • Eco-construction, deconstruction and eco-design innovation in the boating industry: literature review - 25/06/2021
    In the framework of WP6 « Industrial innovation », Around Europe Advisers conducted a study for Comunidade Intermunicipal (CIM) d’Alto Minho. This study addresses innovations for the conception, construction and deconstruction of boating equipments and for a greener nautical industry.
  • The CAPITEN project presented through graphic facilitation - 15/06/2021
    During the project’s closing event, which tookplace on April 8th and 9th 2021, Agnès PAYRAUDEAU, graphic facilitator for the agency PIC & Pic, created two sketches, which present the activities carried out in the framework of CAPITEN, as well as the perspectives of cooperation after May 2021.
  • Nautic Lib – a self-service facility for water sports, ready for mass production? - 25/05/2021
    The drafting of the technical and financial specifications, which is the last phase of research and development planned by the Region of Brittany for this equipment, was finalised in April 2021.
  • MaraMap – a new interactive marine tourism map for Scotland’s west coast - 12/05/2021
    The Centre for Recreation and Tourism Research (CRTR), based at West Highland College UHI, has collaborated with West Coast Waters and other stakeholders to produce a new digital marine tourism map for the west coast of Scotland.
  • BtoB Industria Náutica: Deconstruction of sports boats - 07/05/2021
    On 14 and 15 April 2021, AGAN+ organized, as part of the CAPITEN project, a BtoB conference related to the nautical industry and the circular economy following its work in WP6. In this connection, and in collaboration with partners CIM Alto Minho and CETECIMA, a study was conducted on the deconstruction of fiberglass recreational boats. …
  • Closing meeting: acknowledgements from Anne GALLO - 21/04/2021
    The CAPITEN closing event was an opportunity to present the diverse and rich achievements of this project. I think we can be proud today of the work accomplished and the actions carried out for the nautical sector of our territories.
  • Following the CAPITEN project closing meeting - 16/04/2021
    On April 8th and 9th 2021, Région Bretagne, leader of CAPITEN, organised the project closing meeting, together with their partners from the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal, and representatives from the INTERREG programme authorities. Due to the current health situation, the event was organised online, over two days.

The Capiten project

CAPITEN (Atlantic Cluster for Technological and Economic Innovation in the Nautical Sector) is a European collaborative project that brings together 16 partners from Scotland, Ireland, France, Portugal and Spain.

Supported by the INTERREG Atlantic Area regional development programme, it aims to promote the tourism economy, promote a sustainable approach in the nautical industry and create jobs in the various sectors of the industry.

The Brittany Region is committed to steering this project during its three operational years from 2017 to 2020.

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Atlantic Area
2014-2020 program

3 innovation clusters

The 16 partners behind the project


“With its 1677 miles of coastline and 372 miles of canals, the Brittany Region is delighted to be taking the lead in the CAPITEN Atlantic Cluster. This collaborative project will allow us to highlight the economic potential of the European marine leisure industry”

Anne Gallo
Vice President for Tourism, Heritage and Waterways at the Brittany Regional Council


“Job creation aside, if I had to pick out just one of the CAPITEN programme’s objectives, it would definitely be the strengthening of maritime acculturation in our fellow citizens!”

Jean Kerhoas
President of Nautisme en Bretagne


“In the Canary Islands, marine leisure is a key sector for the Blue Growth of our archipelago”

José Luis Guersi Sauret
President of the Centre Technologique de Sciences Marines. Intermediary Centre Supporting Innovation and Internationalisation in the Marine and Maritime Sector


“The CAPITEN project seeks to enhance, support and grow maritime events in partner regions including Donegal and these events will provide a platform for businesses in the marine tourism sector to showcase new and innovative maritime sports and activities”

Seamus Neely
Chief Executive Donegal County Council


“The Pays de la Loire Region boasts an exceptional coastline and a vast network of navigable rivers that are ideal for the development of marine leisure activities. The exchanges and thought processes planned as part of the CAPITEN project will allow us to further develop our offerings and the volume of people practising those activities.”

Franck Louvrier
Vice President of the Regional Council in charge of Tourism


We want Scotland to be a marine tourism destination of first choice for high quality, value for money and memorable customer experience delivered by skilled and passionate people. The CAPITEN Atlantic Cluster will help us deliver our ambitions.”

Anna Miller
Head of Tourism, Highlands & Islands Enterprise

“Mid & East Antrim Borough Council are delighted to be partners in this transnational project. One of our key corporate objectives, is to increase our tourism provision and  the CAPITEN project is a vital component in making that a reality. We look forward to sharing our own experiences and learning from our partners; especially in regard to, working with the private sector to develop new tourism offerings across the Borough”

Anne Donaghy 
Chief Executive, Mid & East Antrim


“The coimbra area has a wide littoral, several dams and pipelines scattered throughout the territory, allowing the practice of nautical activities throughout the year. The CAPITEN project is an important contribution to the development of this sector.”

Antonio Santos
President of the council, Ad Elo


“Manche Department offers plenty of maritime assets. The departemental council wants to be recognised for its “Ports & Boating” excellence, by developing a unique pool of marinas, where visitors are made to feel welcomed with a range of services offered in marinas and along defined cabotage routes. These priorities are part of an action plan adopted by the local authotity in June 2017 in its sailing plan.”

Marc Lefèvre
President of the Conseil départemental de la Manche

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