Closing meeting: acknowledgements from Anne GALLO

The CAPITEN closing event was an opportunity to present the diverse and rich achievements of this project. I think we can be proud today of the work accomplished and the actions carried out for the nautical sector of our territories.

As a representative of Région Bretagne, leader of the CAPITEN project, I would like to express my most sincere acknowledgements to our partners for their investment throughout the project, and for their contribution to this closing event.

I also want to thank the associated partners and service providers who supported us in the development and implementation of these actions, and who played an essential part in the success of this project.

The CAPITEN project ends on May 31st 2021, and I know that we will remain invested during this final phase. A final phase, which is also a start: on April 9th, we confirmed a new step, and outlined the beginnings of a future cooperation dedicated to the nautical sector. We will have to define the operational outlines in the coming weeks. All together, let us continue to work for the influence and development of our territories through a social and sustainable nautical sector.


Anne GALLO, Vice-president of Région Bretagne, in charge of tourism, heritage and waterways