Nautic Lib – a self-service facility for water sports, ready for mass production?

The drafting of the technical and financial specifications, which is the last phase of research and development planned by the Region of Brittany for this equipment, was finalised in April 2021.

This document can be used by any key player for a market positioning through the mass production of this equipment. The development of this document is part of the work package (WP) “Design of innovative nautical products”, from the CAPITEN project. As such, it will contribute to the objective related to this WP, which aims at developing the practice of river and seaside nautical activities, in order to support and promote employment in this sector on the Atlantic Arc (United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Portugal & Spain).

The prototype trailer used in 2019 for the experimental phase in Brittany.


This last phase, materialised by the drafting of this document, follows on from:

  1. The experimental phase of a test prototype, carried out in 2019. You will find below some key figures from the experimentation. 200 people had the opportunity to test the device on 6 water sports sites over the Summer 2019:
  • 77% were satisfied with the equipment;
  • 70% immediately understood the concept;
  • 46% thought that it was difficult to use (booking, handling, unlocking the locker);
  • 64% are willing to pay around 15 euros to rent water sports equipment for one hour;
  • 71% would like to have access to kayaking products, and 68% would like to have access to Stand up paddle (SUP) products.
  1. A market study carried out among professionals in nautical centres in Brittany, which highlighted the needs and expectations from professionals.


The technical and financial specifications are available in 4 languages: French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

  • French version:
  • English version:
  • Spanish version:
  • Portuguese version:


For further information about the Nautic Lib facility (prototype, experimental phase, market study, support, etc.):

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