The CAPITEN project presented through graphic facilitation

During the project’s closing event, which tookplace on April 8th and 9th 2021, Agnès PAYRAUDEAU, graphic facilitator for the agency PIC & Pic, created two sketches, which present the activities carried out in the framework of CAPITEN, as well as the perspectives of cooperation after May 2021.

The end of CAPITEN was initially planned for May 31st 2021. Yet, the partners just benefited from a 2-month extension, which postpones the end of the project to July 31st 2021. This additional time will enable us all to proceed with the project administrative closure within the time allowed by European regulations.

Nevertheless, the main achievements from CAPITEN are now over; the closing event from April 2021 was thereby the project’s official ending, after more than four years of activities between the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal.

Agnès PAYRAUDEAU, graphic facilitator for PIC & Pic, created two sketches during the closing event, based on the information presented and shared during these mornings. The sketches display therefore the main achievements from each partner, as well as perspectives for future cooperations.

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