Eco-construction, deconstruction and eco-design innovation in the boating industry: literature review

In the framework of WP6 « Industrial innovation », Around Europe Advisers conducted a study for Comunidade Intermunicipal (CIM) d’Alto Minho. This study addresses innovations for the conception, construction and deconstruction of boating equipments and for a greener nautical industry.

This study also aims at raising awareness among companies of the nautical sector concerning their environmental impact and the necessity to commit to more sustainable processes.  

To this end, CIM and Around Europe Advisers identified stakeholders of Alto Minho’s boating industry. They forwarded them a survey in order to know the actions implemented within their company to reduce their ecological footprint. Questions dealt with waste management, consumption of water, electricity and gas, wastewater management, etc.

Results from these surveys were compared with national data.

Needs and critical points were also identified, and this data was compiled into a literature review on eco-construction, deconstruction and eco-design innovation in the boating industry. The document presents thereby recommendations and describes the current practices in the region of Alto Minho and in Portugal. It may also be used for further reflection and a transposition into other regions.

The comprehensive literature review is available here (in English only):