1,000 Years of Maritime History in Limerick City

1,000 Years of Maritime History in Limerick City

A Culture Night Limerick 2019 Event

This event took the form of a guided 1km walk, highlighting a millennium of riverine and maritime infrastructure in Limerick, focusing on the importance of the River Shannon in the development of Limerick City; both past and future.

The guided walk provided an opportunity to describe both the Innovative Products outlined in Work Package 4 for Limerick City and County Council and the infrastructural works proposed in Work Package 8. The importance of water safety and knowledge of the tidal dynamics and water flows in the city was highlighted at several points along the tour route. The Culture Night 2019 event also provided an opportunity for Limerick City and County Council to disseminate and share the CAPITEN project work, fulfilling our obligations in increasing communications and media output in Work Package 2 and also to share the outcomes of Atlantic Tour Events in Work Package 5.

A CAPITEN branded feather banner was used to identify the starting point of the event.
A description of the CAPITEN project was outlined prior to the commencement of the guided walk.
Links to the CAPITEN website and acknowledgement of the CAPITEN project in sponsoring the event were included in all promotional material.

The age profile of the event was on average 50 years and above and most participants came individually, however there were a number of couples and some children. As Culture Night is a popular annual cultural event, with over 70 events taking place throughout the city, the demographic of the participants were quite varied.

At the commencement of the walk, there were approximately 40 people on the tour. This number however grew considerably as the walk progressed with over 60 people accompanying the tour as it ended.

There were no comparable events in 2018.

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The guided walk was very well received by those who attended, at its conclusion over a dozen people remained for a period to ask further questions. It was a good opportunity to gauge the publics’ knowledge and interest into the maritime infrastructure of Limerick City.
The level of interest received surrounding the event will undoubtedly lead to a repeat of the guided walk in the manner of subsequent tours and/or lectures in the future, especially at Riverfest in 2020.