CAPITEN Project makes video on the construction of ecological surfboard from wooden polymers

AD ELO, through the CAPITEN project, made a video that aims at disseminating alternative ways of producing surfboards based on natural and renewable raw materials.

The work carried out is based on research and production processes that are still under development in Portugal, so its future applications may be improved and extended to other purposes. It is intended that the surfboards correspond to the needs of practitioners combining good performance with good resistance and duration.

The use of surfboards produced from synthetic materials leads to the production of large amounts of waste that derive from the end of their useful life. To minimize this impact, it is important to raise the awareness of surfers and surfboard producers about the possibilities associated with the use of natural raw materials and the appropriate techniques for the production of more environmentally friendly surfboards.

Please click here to access the video “Eco Surfboard from woodpolymers” (in Portuguese, with English subtitles)